High Jewelry

ION Atelier by Mercat del Diamant

The brand ION Atelier is Mercat del Diamant’s in-house label that produces its own pieces and designer jewelry.

High Jewelry
ION Atelier by Mercat del Diamant

Exclusive High Jewelry Creations

In order to craft its high jewelry pieces, ION Atelier selects the most precious gems and creates settings that will display and enhance their singular beauty. Each piece of jewelry created in its workshops has a unique design and embodies the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style.

ION Atelier also works with minerals, crystals and precious stones to create jewelry and passion-inducing objects. ION Atelier is constantly striving to create unique pieces destined for its knowledgeable clientele with exacting taste.


Each bespoke piece from ION Atelier is crafted with refinement, expert skill and scrupulous attention to detail, imbuing them with a unique and timeless quality.

The traditional high jewelry techniques used to create these masterpieces require skill and knowledge, which is extremely rare in our day and age.

Exceptional pieces

The best craftsmen are called upon to create exceptional pieces. Casters, master jewelers, setters and gemologists work to perpetuate the knowledge of their craft. This philosophy is what sets ION Atelier apart from other workshops.